I come home. I look out onto my porch, and I can just breathe.
My mind goes silent for a moment.

Everyone has a million things going on their lives.

Things you have to check off your list everyday to complete. Thoughts going through your head constantly. As time goes by it’s hard not to be constantly stressed.

Looking out onto this porch
is my own little version of therapy

Sitting on my porch is an escape from school, work, life, really anything. I can sit out there, look about and close my eyes and let all my worries disappear even if it’s only for a few minutes. Being able to sit out there to eat my breakfast, do homework, or watch the sunset at night, makes my day so much more peaceful. It’s just far enough out of boone that you can hear cars from a distance, but mostly its nature that surrounds you.

[Do activities that inspire you, make you happy, and live more thoughtfully]

[ thanks for visiting my porch ]