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Linux/UNIX distribution:

spectrum v2.77c
Version 2.77 now computes the Na I D lines in the "strong lines" routine. Please ensure that the line list you use does not include the Na I D lines. Feb 27, 2018
June 24, 2021: A minor correction was made to the codes for ABUNDANCE and BLACKWELL, as both those codes used the value log(N_H/N_Total) = -0.0405 instead of the value in stdatom.dat, which is -0.0360. That will result in a difference of about 0.004 in the abundances if you are using column 6 in the output for ABUNDANCE. This correction was incorporated in version 2.77b.
July 22, 2021: A minor correction was made to the code for SPECTRUM increasing the limit for the length of a line in a line list file from 100 to 200. This correction was introduced in version 2.77c.

Auxiliary X-Windows programs for Spectrum
Documentation for Auxiliary programs

Line lists

Line list file:  3000 - 6800 Angstroms:


Near Infrared Line List File:  6800 - 10,000 Angstroms:


Infrared Line List File:  1 - 4 microns

UV line list for luke-warm stars:

Isotope-compatible line lists. Can be used only with v2.75 and above:

lukeall2.iso.lst.gz -- 900A - 4 microns

MS Windows binaries

Binaries for SPECTRUM and Auxiliary programs to run on the DOS command line

A Visual Basic Shell to run the above Windows binaries from a GUI