RSS: What is it?

RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a standard based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language) designed for distributing news headlines and site updates. A variety of RSS versions and standards exist which most aggregators and readers can understand.

The advantage of using RSS to obtain news and updates is the ability to consolidate and monitor new events in one place without having to visit a website. In addition, because RSS is based on a standard (XML), the content is consistently structured, and the displayed output can be modified by the user through XSL or XSLT.

Several web browsers offer the ability to read or subscribe to RSS feeds. Safari 2.0, Firefox, Opera 8, and Internet Explorer 7 have this functionality. Firefox uses Live Bookmarks to aggregate feeds natively, but there are also extensions which provide an RSS interface to Firefox similar to Safari's and Internet Explorer 7's. In addition, Thunderbird 1.5 has built-in RSS aggregating and display.

There is also software specifically designed to aggregate and display RSS feeds. Check your favorite search engine or download repository for other RSS news readers.

Available RSS Feeds

The feeds below are RSS version 2.0