Katrina Marie Palmer
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC


Office: Walker Hall, 331
Voice: (828) 262-2912
Fax: (828) 265-8617
E-mail: palmerk at appstate.edu

Current Schedule (or check out my google calendar)
Spring 2018
8:00 -9:15

MAT 2240

MAT 2240

9:30 - 10:45
Office Hours
MAT 2240
Averia's Class (9-9:50)
Calc Support Course (10-10:50)
MAT 2240

11:00 - 12:30
Office Hours


MAT 4990
Office Hours
MAT 4990

2:00 - 3:00


3:00 - 4:00


4:00 - 5:00

Summer 2018:  MAT 1020 (1 each session)

    Courses taught at ASU (for descriptions of the courses, see the bulletin): 
        MAT 5930: Linear Algebra for Teachers, MAT 5530: Computational Math for Teachers, MAT 5415: Pedagogy Seminar, MAT 5320: Grad Linear Algebra
        MAT 4990:  Numerical Linear Algebra, MAT 4330: Actuarial Seminar, MAT 4310: Numerical Methods
        MAT 3510: Junior Honors, MAT 3330: Financial Math, MAT 3130: Differential Equations
        MAT 2240: Linear Algebra
        MAT 1120: Calc II, MAT 1110: Calc I, MAT 1020: College Algebra, MAT 1010: Introduction to Math, US 1150: Freshman Seminar, HON 1515:  Honors First Year Seminar

    Courses taught at Emory:
        MAT 119: Business Calculus
        Freshman Seminar (image restoration for freshmen)

    Student Projects
        Kory Illenye - Expected Graduation 8/18 with M.A. in Mathematics
                                Directed Research Project:  Analysis of SOAR & CRT
        Jaehee Post - Graduated 5/17 with M.A. in Mathematics
                                Directed Research Project:  Analysis of Community College Math Placement
        Sierra Milosh - Graduated 5/17 with B.S in Mathematics
                                 Honors Thesis:  Connecting Sustainability to Calculus
        Amanda Copeland - Graduated 5/16 with M.A. in Mathematics
                                        Directed Research Project:  Calculus Satisfaction
        Amanda Whitt - Graduated 5/15 with M.A. in Mathematics
                                    Directed Research Project:  Computational Methods for Computing Pi
        Dawn Laughter - Graduated 8/14 with M.A. in Mathematics Education
                                       Product of Learning:  Virtual vs. Concrete Manipulatives
        Steven Yarbrough - Graduated 5/13 with M.A. in Mathematics
                                        Directed Reserach Project:  Imaging with Java
        Tiffany Williams - Graduated 5/12 with M.A. in Mathematics
                                       Directed Research Project: Modules for Use in a Mathematics Classroom:  A Real-World Approach
        Amanda Brewer - Graduated 9/11 with M.A. in Mathematic Education
                                      Product of Learning: The Effects of Cooperative Learning on Student Motivation in a Geometry Class
        Susanna James - Graduated 5/10 with B.S. in Actuarial Sciences
                                    Honors Thesis: Optimal Mortgage Refinancing
        Carla Rodden - Graduated 12/09 with M.A. in Mathematics Education
                                  Product of Learning: Activity-Based Curriculum for the Discrete Mathematics Classroom
        William Gowin - Graduated 9/07 with an M.A. in Mathematics
                                    Directed Research Project:  The Mathematics of Facial Recognition
        Frank Monterisi - Graduated 12/06 with an M.A. in Mathematics
                                     AMATYC presentation 11/06: Math Labs in the College Environment

Research Interests & Activities:
Mathematically I am most interested in numerical linear algebra related to image restoration.  Educationally I am interested in effective online teaching and engaging high school and middle school students in mathematics.
        Curriculum Vitae
        PRIMUS:  Biology Applications in the Mathematics Curriculum
        DIMACS: The Mathematics of Medical Imaging
        Restore Tools: Matlab Software Packge for Image Restoration